Episcopal Worship

Worship at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross

When you visit an Episcopal Church, you will be our respected and welcome guest.  You will not be singled out in an embarrassing way, nor asked to stand before the congregation, nor to come forward.  You will worship with us.

The Episcopal Church offers a thoughtful approach to religion.  It is often described as a “thinking person’s church” or a three-legged stool with each leg representing scripture, tradition, and reason.  The Episcopal Church teaches that morality is rooted in Jesus’ summary of the law “to love God with heart, mind and soul and to love one’s neighbor as oneself.”

When Episcopalians worship we unite ourselves with one another to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word through readings from the Bible, to offer prayer and praise and to celebrate the Sacraments.  The Celebration of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) is the central part of our service.  Through this celebration we share the bread and wine in remembrance of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection as well as receive forgiveness for our sins and strengthen our connection with Christ and each other.

Worship at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross uses two books, The Book of Common Prayer (red or black) and the hymnal (blue).  We are given a bulletin as we enter the Church which contains the Bible readings for that day.  While some parts of the service are always the same, others change.  The three Bible readings and the psalm are different each week as we move through the church year.  Our service is beautiful with its ordered dignity, uplifting prayers and wonderful music that is sung at our 10:30am service.

The order of the service

As we begin our worship, we praise God through singing and prayers.  We listen to as many as four readings from the Bible.  The pastor then usually gives a sermon about the Bible readings.  The congregation then recites the Nicene Creed which states what we believe.  We then say the “Prayers of the People” which include prayers for the Church, the world and those in need such as the sick.  We also thank God for our many blessings.  As the service proceeds, we confess our sins which are things that we have done and not done.  The pastor assures us that God is always ready to forgive our sins.  We then greet one another by saying “Peace be with you.”  Please do not be alarmed if many people greet you in this way as we are happy to have you with us.

The service then moves to the Holy Eucharist during which the priest recites prayers that tell the story of Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ.  He reminds us of Christ’s coming into the world and about the night before his death.  During Jesus’ last supper, he instructed us to remember Him by eating the bread which is His body and drinking the wine which is His blood so that our sins can be forgiven.  All baptized Christians are invited to join us at Holy Communion regardless of their denomination.  This means that you can eat the bread and drink the wine.  If you are not baptized or do not want to participate, you can receive a blessing by just crossing your hands in an X on your chest and joining us.  The priest will recognize this signal.  Once Holy Communion is completed, we will say a prayer of thanksgiving.  The priest concludes by blessing us and we leave to live a life that reflects God’s love in the world. 

Church of the Holy Cross
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